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Technical Report/Report

Eichman, Nikolaus and Tauhidur Rahman. “USAID Private Sector Engagement within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region: Assessing the Current State, Envisioning the Future.” A report prepared for United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington DC, August 2020. (Under review by USAID).

Rahman, T., J. Buizer, and Z. Guido. Economic Impact of Seasonal Forecast Information Service in Jamaica, 2014-2015. A report prepared for United States Agency for International Development, Washington DC. 2016.

Profiling the Evolving Characteristics and Needs for Risk Management Education Of Commercial Agricultural Producers in the Intermountain West (with J. Tranel, J. Hewlett, R. Weigel, T. Teegerstrom, and C. Ehmke). 90 pages, 2010.

Predicting Ground Water Vulnerability to Nitrate. Water Sustainability Program- Technology Research Initiative Fund Project P06-04 Final Report prepared for Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. 98 pages, 2008.

A New Look at the Agricultural Community as Extension Clientele in the West (with J. Tranel, J. Hewlett, R. Weigel, T. Teegerstrom, and C. Ehmke). B-1190, 64 pages, 2008

Working Papers

Adaptation of Rural Livelihoods and Perceived Climate Change I: Evidence from a Drought- Prone Region of India (with S. Kishore).

Adaptation of Rural Livelihoods and Perceived Climate Change II: Evidence from a Flood-Prone Region of India (with S. Kishore)

Rahman, T. “Regional Inequality and Regional Polarization in India, 1961-1991.”

Does Open Government Pay? The Impact of Open Government on Trust in Public Institutions (with Joseph Navelski).

Can a Women’s Anti-Poverty Program Affect Women’s Mental Health (with Ashutosh Kumar).

Gender Attitudes and Intergenerational Co-residence: Evidence from East Asia (with Wenjun Wu).

Climate Information Service and Agriculture: Evidence from Jamaica (with James Buizer, Jack Guido, and Rose Ann-Smith).

Epistemic Discrimination against Women: Experimental Evidence from India (with Karla Hoff and Vijayendra Rao)


Rahman, Tauhidur. “Empowering the Poor: Reducing Vulnerability, Enhancing Livelihoods. Volume 1. In progress

Rahman, Tauhidur (co-edited with Parmesh Shah, World Bank). “Empowering the Poor: Livelihoods Programs.” Volume 2. In progress

D. Cory and T. Rahman. Environmental Justice and Federalism (with S. Aradhyula, M. Burns and M. Kiger). Edward Elgar Publishing, 224 Pages, 2013.

Insights from economics, law, and behavioral sciences to inform identification and designs of effective development policies and programs to promote agency and economic development.

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